The Stage News in the UK reports on the fairly shocking results of a survey commissioned by the Joint Industry Stunt Committee about harassment and bullying in the stunt performer industry.  Link: 

stunts : Concept of a business man who defies all obstacles

Seems that we report fairly frequently on surveys in various industries and professions, and every one seems to reflect substantial harassment and/or

Whenever we write about workplace bullying, or discuss the pros and cons of anti-bullying laws, we seem to strike a nerve in readers – we get more comments on this topic than any other.

Now, with the recent publicity given to sports-figures and domestic violence and child abuse, we anticipate further discussions of the possible

A new decision from the New York federal court nicely illustrates some points that we recently made about the issue of “bullying” in the US, and its interplay, if any, with the employment anti-discrimination laws.

The pro se plaintiff was a college lecturer who regularly complained “regarding the bullying and harassment by [his Department’s] current

In a prior post we noted that if you take out the racial, sexual, age or other protected class aspect of workplace harassment and hostile work environment, you get, simply, bullying.    There are no state or federal laws in the US defining or regulating workplace bullying, and the civil rights laws do not cover it,

Just as last week we re-opened our discussion about the possibility/desirability of enacting legislation to prohibit workplace bullying, it has been reported that the governor of New Hampshire just vetoed such a bill – calling it “well-intentioned” but ultimately “unworkable.”

Chalk up another defeat for anti-bullying legislation, which is batting zero.

workplace bullying : Senior male weeping in empty meeting room workplace harassment

The Healthy Workplace Bill

Australian Workplace and Discrimination Representatives, an Australian non-lawyer employee representative organization, recently noted on its blog that the Australian Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) issued its first ruling on May 12th under the new anti-bullying rules.

As Coleman Greig Lawyers noted in their blog, the case involved two complaints by a supervisor of bullying