Lately we have been consumed by urine; that is, we have written a lot about drug testing, urine testing, paruresis and the ADA.  Heady stuff.

So now we feel it is time to turn 180 degrees and discuss a medical secretary who suffered “a debilitating and embarrassing bowel condition” and asked for an accommodation –

Requiring employees to handle “lads’ mags”- publications with “naked women on their covers,” may subject supermarkets and other retail stores to liability for sexual harassment and discrimination under the UK Equality Act 2010. This, according to a letter published in the Guardian and written by top employment lawyers in the UK (or, as

Although the UK Equality Act, like the US ADA, prohibits disability discrimination, a Macmillan Cancer Support/YouGov online survey says that 37% of employees who undergo cancer treatment report discrimination, an increase from 23% in 2010.  It also found that 9% felt harassed enough to quit, and 13% reported lack of reasonable accommodations. 

The Chief Executive at Macmillan Cancer

The UK’s Manchester Employment Tribunal has awarded a former therapist £25,000 on her employment discrimination claim brought under the Equality Act of 2010.  This award is surprising to the extent that she was employed for only 19 days.

The Gloucestershire Echo reports that the Court held that in spite of the employee’s very brief tenure, she