The N-Word in the Workplace

The Herald News out of Halifax has reported on a racial harassment case involving use of the term “lynching” in the context of a performance review of a black salesperson.

The sales manager at a Nova Scotia furniture store called a black sales associate in front of customers “Condoleezza Rice,” and told her her hair

Sexual harassment – streaming security camera footage of the breasts of a female employee onto a desk computer;  racial harassment – using the “N-word” to Black employees; and national origin harassment – refusing restroom breaks to Haitian workers and throwing chicken parts at them, were the subjects of three lawsuits just filed by the EEOC. 

Our recent posts about how courts are treating the use of the “N-word” in the workplace garnered a slew of reader comments, especially in various LinkedIn legal and HR groups.  The discussion now has a celebrity symbol: Paula Deen.

The employment discrimination lawsuit against this TV food personality and restauranteur has, for us, rekindled the