State Anti-Discrimination Laws

Sounding like our old friends at the EEOC,  the New York Attorney General just announced a settlement with  five New York City employment agencies relating to, among other things, allegations that the agencies “targeted Spanish-speaking job seekers, unlawfully steered them away from certain jobs and unlawfully referred them to jobs paying as little as $3.75

A proposed ordinance in Helena, Montana which would prohibit sexual orientation discrimination is being opposed by those who cite a recent EEOC decision which held that under Title VII discrimination against a transgendered individual is a form of sex discrimination. They argue that the proposed ordinance is unnecessary because this EEOC decision could be applied

The city of Helena, Montana may be next to join the “national trend” in passing laws to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people from employment discrimination.  Already, Bozeman and Missoula have such laws.

Interestingly, what also may be included in the proposed law is non-discrimination based upon “familial status,” which, according to Helena City

The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Washington published an article today about the wave of laws being passed countrywide, and especially in neighboring Utah (!), which ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and titled it ”Some Employers Push To Expand Rights – Idaho Interested In Whether Lack Of Protective Policy Will Affect Recruitment.”

It seems

A great resource has been posted online for employers, lawyers, and anyone interested in a compendium of all state laws regarding gay and transgender employees. Written by Jerome Hunt and just released by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, this 84-page report notes that there is no current federal law which provides the

In 2011 we wrote a number of blog entries (9/14/11; 6/8/11; 2/22/11) noting that there was no law prohibiting employers from refusing to hire the unemployed.  Under the anti-discrimination laws, there is no protected class known as “the unemployed,” and if you are not hired because of your unemployment status, you have

We noted in our April 12, 2011 blog that “although Title VII does not cover lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered employees as such, some employees have brought harassment suits claiming “gender stereotyping” as a form of discrimination based upon gender, and not sexual orientation nor gender status. However, such cases must fall within a very