We have always preached preventive law, that is, using our knowledge of employment law and HR practices to counsel employers how to prevent claims, charges or lawsuits from ever happening.  It’s far less expensive, time consuming and distracting to spend a little time and money now to comply with the law, than not to do

17267723_sTwo years ago we asked: “Can You Pass ‘The Acid Test'” (see post of January 29, 2012).   For those of a certain age and mindset, this flashback meant something other than employee handbooks and anti-discrimination policies.   But nevermind — we wanted to know how many questions an employer could answer in the affirmative to

Lately the legal coverage on social media is the supposedly widespread practice of employers demanding access to applicants’ and employees’ social media accounts.  We blogged on May 11th about why employers should be concerned about the rash of legislation restricting employers’ access to these accounts, so we don’t need to rehash it here.