Social Media and Hiring

I just read a fascinating article by Derek Mong in Asian Fortune, which calls itself “an English language newspaper for Asian American professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.”

The takeaway: “If you’re a minority in America’s workplaces, a name can mean the difference between the opportunity for success and rejection.”   What does this

The New Jersey Legislature has passed a bill (A2878/S1915) banning employers from asking applicants and employees for social media passwords or even if the person has a social media account.  It has not yet been signed by the Governor, so employers do not need to do anything yet.

We previously blogged about the bill on

Employers in New Jersey should ignore the proposed legislation banning employers’ inquiries about employees’ Facebook and other social media at their own peril.

The bill, which NJ.Com reported passed an Assembly panel yesterday, bans employers from even asking if an employee possesses a social media account, in addition to the barring of requesting disclosure of

We wrote on March 26th that because employers have been reported as asking job applicants for their Facebook passwords before hiring, Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, demanded a Justice Department and EEOC investigation.  Four states — Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and California — began rushing to introduce legislation to ban any such requirement.