Sexual Harassment Training

Maryland’s Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018, which awaits Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature, imposes stricter waiver and disclosure requirements regarding sexual harassment on Maryland employers beginning on October 1, 2018.  The bill was passed by both houses of the Maryland General Assembly and a Governor’s veto is not anticipated.

The bill impacts

“Oh Wow, You Look So Pretty I Can’t Even Concentrate” was the title of a post we wrote on August 9th, subtitled:  “Sexual Banter Or Sexual Harassment?”


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We decided to survey the attitudes towards “sexual banter” and sexual harassment” in different countries, and began with this article from South Africa.  We

Now here’s a good idea to start the day.  The AP reports from Kentucky that starting before next year’s legislative session, all State Senators and legislative staffers will be required to undergo sexual harassment training, given the scandal this year when former state Rep. John Arnold of Sturgis was the subject of harassment complaints made

A Chinese journalist reports that an 18-year-old female employee at a Foxconn factory in Shanghai was subjected to sexual harassment from three male employees  — while attending a required sexual harassment training seminar.


Say it ain’t so – not in the land where the late Chairman proclaimed: “Women represent a great productive force in China

ZDNet reports that a former project manager in Australia sued the company for sexual harassment by a sales representative who she had to work with, who allegedly made comments to her which progressed from suggesting that the two of them were married in a previous life, to harassing her for not going to a party with him