We hope that everyone is aware by now that retaliation claims are increasing very rapidly since an employer who has an underlying charge or claim lodged against it has a very thin tightrope to walk to avoid a current employee from also charging retaliation. 15845966_s   See our short “refresher course” on retaliation law posted on April

In our practice we have received a number of inquiries over the years from employers whose departing employees executed severance agreements and then turned around and filed discrimination charges against them with the EEOC, or sued them.  Does this breach the severance agreement?  Can an employee who receives severance file such a charge? Can the

The case of Johnson v. Lebanese American University should serve as a lesson to employers that sometimes there is such a thing as a release that is too short.  In this case, the University had decided to terminate the plaintiff’s employment.  At the time of termination, the University offered the plaintiff severance on the condition