Slate reports that the creator of “a Noah’s Ark–themed creationist amusement park” in Kentucky – an “Ark park” — (the same person who created the Creation Museum) has instituted a hiring policy which requires applicants to sign three documents before being hired: a “Salvation testimony,” “Creation belief statement,” and a “Confirmation of your agreement with

A UK case headed to the European Court of Justice involves an arbitration provision between two businessmen that requires that arbitration of all disputes be conducted only before an Ismaili Muslim arbitrator. The challenger contends that this provision breaches European laws against discrimination as well as the UK’s Equality Act 2010 by unfairly discriminating against

We have lit up the blogosphere lately with our entries about accommodating employees under Title VII who are required to wear religious dress or adornments, and with our litany of employers who have been found to be transgressors. Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based upon, among other things, religion, but is silent about religious dress

May we remind readers of our blog of August 14th wherein we talked about a lawsuit just filed by a Muslim hotel restaurant hostess at Disneyland claiming to have been fired by Walt Disney Co. after she refused to take off her headscarf, which allegedly “violated Disney’s ‘look’ policy.”   We recalled a similar “look policy&rdquo