obesity discrimination

Last year we discussed whether for ADA purposes obesity is a disease — as was held by a new decisison by the American Medical Association.  We posted that the AMA declaration that obesity is a disease would likely spur lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We wrote that ”we are unaware of any

Sylvia Dahlby, a “purveyor of talent acquisition, staffing management and recruiting business solutions” in Hawaii, commented below on our posts about “lookism,” beauty bias, appearance bias, and obesity.

Does appearance matter in hiring?

“Thanks for sharing this. In my opinion age and weight, and overall appearance are always a factor in hiring decisions

An Alabama field salesperson for a provider of hospice services to the termimally ill sued her former employer under the ADA claiming that she was fired “on the basis of her disability, morbid obesity.”  The company claimed to have fired her for performance issues.

The Plaintiff

She is 5’3″ tall and at the time of

On October 16th we posted that “Massachusetts may be on the brink of passing a law prohibiting employment discrimination based on height and weight. … One commentator noted some time ago that according to surveys “weight bias” is widespread in employment, with some reporting that within the continuum of employees who were overweight to