obesity discrimination

“The boss thinks you should lose a few pounds.”  

An article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal by Lauren Weber and Rachel Emma Silverman opens with this line, and then says that “Seeking to make a dent in the intractable problem of obesity … businesses are experimenting with new measures to encourage workers to

The title above is from an article some time ago in Time entitled “People Who Were Pretty In High School Make More Money Because Life Isn’t Fair.

The article began: “A new research paper confirms that everything that your mother told you growing up is a lie because the pretty people always win.”

We read a great comment in response to our post “Weight Bias Is Alive And Well.”    Maria Hanna Joseph, an attorney/mediator in the Boston area, addressing the issue of weight and appearance bias, has carefully written a very succinct and balanced statement of the very purposes of employment anti-discrimination laws.


To all of those who have debated recently on our blog about obesity discrimination, and whether obesity is or should be categorized as a “disability” under the ADA, we recommend an article in the Sunday New York Times, about people being people being “fat and hungry,” and why.

“Cutting calories could backfire in the long

Is obesity a disability under the ADA?

In our post of April 25th we discussed a recent court decision that said that it might very well be.  We noted in our blog on April 28th that “[t]he issue of obesity and employment discrimination seems to sit on a fault line of sorts, eliciting strong views