The EEOC has just announced that “In the past two months, the EEOC has had several cases involving severe racial harassment, including a $2.7 million settlement against an environmental clean-up company, and a harassment case in which a white employee was the victim.”   It has also just announced (1) the settlement of a long running

On April 1, 2012 we reported on a new EEOC retaliation lawsuit and said that “If you thought that ‘code words and dog whistles’ (blog of March 20, 2012) were the only remnants of employment discrimination 50 years after Title VII, listen to this.”

In Wisconsin, an African-American restaurant employee was fired soon

What does this UK case have that a similar US case does not?  In the US, this plaintiff would have no federal legal right to sue for sexual orientation discrimination or harassment (although many states and municipalities in fact do have laws prohibiting such discrimination/harassment).

In the UK case, the plaintiff claimed that her boss

On February 4, 2013 we published a post noting that juries do not like nooses or the N-word in the workplace.  Our post commented on a North Carolina federal jury which had just awarded $200,000 in compensatory and punitive damages against a trucking company on behalf of two former African-American truck drivers who were repeatedly subjected to such racist harassment.