Here’s a rather strange sexual harassment decision which we do not have any reasonable explanation for.  

The New Zealand Herald reports that “A young woman whose bottom was slapped in ‘fun’ by her boss has now been ordered to pay her former employer $5000 in costs in the case.”

What’s this?

It seems that the

We recently posted that the BBC reported that numerous age discriminatory ads appear on the UK government’s Universal Jobmatch website, seeking “recent graduates” or “young graduates.”

One UK ad read: ”We are always looking to recruit talented, ambitious young people who may fit well into one of our progressive thinking departments such as media, including

Sexual orientation is not covered under Title VII, although many states and municipalities do include this in their anti-discrimination statutes.  Many predict, however, that it is only a matter of (a short) time before Title VII covers sexual orientation.

A case out of New Zealand gives us a foreshadowing of what we might expect by