New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

37744565 - legislation blank list, business conceptEarlier this month, members of the New Jersey General Assembly introduced legislation to prohibit employers from seeking wage/salary histories from prospective employees.  Assembly Bill 4119 (“A-4119”) follows on the heels of other states that are looking to take action on this issue, as well as similar efforts at the federal level.

The public policy rationale

Just in time to celebrate or commiserate the election of a new president depending on your politics, as of November 21, 2012, New Jersey employers will be required to have yet one more poster that reminds employees of their rights against gender discrimination.

New Jersey employers currently must post EEO notices under Title VII and

You may be forgiven if you thought that a hostile work environment was only created when an employee who was the target of racial, ethnic or gender slurs was a member of the race, ethnicity or gender that the slurs were directed at, i.e., a member of that particular "protected class."   

However, expanding the scope of  the New Jersey