morbid obesity as a disability

Just today we wrote about obesity in the context of “corporate wellness” programs.  Now comes a long-awaited ruling on obesity by the European Court of Justice – the EU’s highest court.    

On June 12th we posted that the UK Didlaw Ltd. Newsletter declared that “[t]he most pressing issue around definition of disability right

“The boss thinks you should lose a few pounds.”  

An article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal by Lauren Weber and Rachel Emma Silverman opens with this line, and then says that “Seeking to make a dent in the intractable problem of obesity … businesses are experimenting with new measures to encourage workers to

At five feet four inches, four hundred twenty-five pounds, a food truck employee at Wagner’s in Kentucky was morbidly obese and suffered from diabetes.  She was fired due to her “personal appearance” —  two of her coworkers testified that she told them that she was informed that she was fired because she was “overweight and