Low Status/Power Differential and Sexual Harassment

“Oh Wow, You Look So Pretty I Can’t Even Concentrate” was the title of a post we wrote on August 9th, subtitled:  “Sexual Banter Or Sexual Harassment?”

See: https://employmentdiscrimination.foxrothschild.com/2014/08/articles/sexual-harassment-1/oh-wow-you-look-so-petty-i-cant-even-concentrate-mere-banter-or-sexual-harassment/

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We decided to survey the attitudes towards “sexual banter” and sexual harassment” in different countries, and began with this article from South Africa.  We

Reading the New York Times at breakfast this weekend we saw a few important items worthy of noting.

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The Times reported on Saturday that “Current and former female firefighters of the United States Forest Service have filed a complaint with the Department of Agriculture alleging that they suffered job discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse at

A study by Illinois State professors Kimberly Schneider and Patricia Jarvis (and reported by Business News Daily) has found that adolescents employed as sales clerks or flipping burgers are more likely to be sexually harassed by older co-workers than adult employees, and more likely to be harassed than adolescents in jobs that provided more