The Israeli Knesset’s Ministerial Law Committee approved a bill and sent it to the full Knesset which, if it passes, which is likely,  would prohibit employment discrimination (and discrimination in, among other things, housing, medical care, and education) on the basis of gender or sexual preference.

In fact, the law would require all laws against

Noam Barkan of Ynet News has reported that Israeli Economy Ministry’s EEOC has released the past year’s statistics relating to discrimination charges filed with it. 14256290_s

Workplace sexual harassment complaints increased by 45%; gender discrimination complaints increased by 35%, complaints; religious discrimination complaints increased by 30%; and pregnancy discrimination complaints increased by 26%.

Barkan quoted the

Two government studies conducted in conjunction with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found that “a job applicant with an Ashkenazi-sounding name has a 34 percent higher chance of being hired by an employer than a person with a Sephardi-sounding name applying for the same position. .. [and also that] over 22% of employers openly

The Israeli Defense Forces (“IDF”) chief of staff’s advisor on Women’s Affairs, Brig. Gen. Racheli Tevet-Weisel, has reported 2012 statistics showing approximately 500 complaints from soldiers of sexual harassment or assault, 10% of them from male soldiers. 


A story in Israel News by Yoav Zitun notes that Gen. Tevet-Weisel stated that “Our emphasis this