My assistant, Chrissie, (take a bow, Chrissie)  just showed me a hilarious Saturday Night Live clip of an old musical Christmas skit whose song inexplicably popped in her head today. 

Chrissie said we should do this every Friday, have a little 5 minute laugh session.  I immediately said that’s a great idea.  As I then went

Thanks to my friend Judy Greenwald of Business Insurance who brought to my attention an interesting decision this week from a federal appeals court in Boston.

A female employee of a university and her supervisor had a weeklong “out-of-town” affair, after which when they returned home, “embarrassed by the fling, [she] rebuffed him.”  Some time later

According to an EEOC attorney "It is unconscionable that in the 21st century anyone should have to work in a racially hostile environment riddled with highly offensive acts of intimidation simply to earn a decent living."

What happened? A newly-filed EEOC lawsuit accuses oil drilling companies in Texas of violating Title VII when supervisors and other

A federal appeals court, in a recent decision which it declared is “not precedential,” dealt with a situation where a woman’s supervisor repeatedly called, emailed and confronted her, at home and at work, after she rebuffed his romantic overtures to her. 

In granting summary judgment to the employer, the Court, construing her claims for “hostile