Hostile Work Environment

This week the country was rocked by headlines of campus unrest at the University of Missouri that culminated in the resignation of Timothy Wolfe, President of the University System.  Campus-wide demonstrations alleging that Wolfe properly failed to respond to report of racial bias incidents lead to the Tigers football team refusing to practice (this was

Here’s a rather strange sexual harassment decision which we do not have any reasonable explanation for.  

The New Zealand Herald reports that “A young woman whose bottom was slapped in ‘fun’ by her boss has now been ordered to pay her former employer $5000 in costs in the case.”

What’s this?

It seems that the

Our post of December 11th, “Supervisor Squeezing Subordinate’s Nipple: Does The Subordinate’s Gender Matter Under Title VII?” drew a number of comments.

To recap:  A supervisor allegedly grabbed and squeezed his subordinate’s nipple, and took a towel and rubbed it on the employee’s crotch, according to the opinion of a federal appellate court.  The

Two lawyers who represent employees have responded to our request for comments made in our recent post entitled “Zero Tolerance” And “Broken Windows?”

And for the most part they are not that keen on the idea of a “zero tolerance” policy, for reasons which they describe below.  But they rightly note that the issues raised

Last week’s post about blatantly discriminatory job ads in New Zealand elicited a number of comments from folks who could not believe that such ads were actually published.  To remind you, these were some of  the ads:

* Young and vibrant waiting staff wanted

* We’re looking for vibrant salespeople with a young, passionate energy

A couple of early comments to our “Zero Tolerance” post earlier this week drew our attention because of the insights shared.  We think that these two comments can be a central point around which an educational discussion/debate can coalesce.

no discrimination : equality equal rights and opportunities for all women man disabled black and white solidarity discrimination of people with disability or physical and mental handicap

Lisa Hutchin, Contractor – Labor Relations in Sacramento, CA:

“I think we can have

“Zero Tolerance” – is it an ambiguous term, we asked recently?   Is it a synonym for “non-thinking,” as one reader suggested?

Should it be reserved for serious violations?   Does “one size not fit all?”

New Racial Harassment Case

On October 4th, we posted about a new EEOC Title VII race and national origin harassment lawsuit

We wrote last week that the EEOC recently sued on behalf of vulnerable farm workers – one of the EEOC’s priorities.   And we repeated what we had written before about the EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) intended to protect “vulnerable” workers, such as farm workers, migrant workers, workers in isolated areas, and mentally-challenged Henry’s Turkey