Perhaps this is the coda to the story of Henry’s Boys — perhaps not.

Readers no doubt recall Henry’s Turkey — the poster bird for the abuse of intellectually disabled employees.  We wrote about the legal case on behalf of these disabled employees many times — as recently as last week (see below).


Today’s Wall Street Journal “Review” has an interesting lead article by Joanne Lipman entitled:  “Women at Work: A Guide for Men: Even the most well-intentioned male managers can be clueless when dealing with women in the workplace.” 

She says that men could use a career guide about women — she provides an eight point

The New York Times just published a lengthy “front page center” piece by Dan Barry on the case of the intellectually disabled workers at Henry’s Turkey Service, the subject of the largest damage award in the history of the EEOC — $240,000,000 in a jury verdict.  It’s titled “the ‘Boys’ In The Bunkhouse,” and is

Last year we discussed a number of cases brought by the EEOC against employers relating to harassment of farmworkers — the most vulnerable workers, according to the EEOC’s strategic enforcement plan.   We quoted the EEOC general counsel in relation to the settlement of an “appalling” sexual harassment suit: “It is one of the EEOC’s national