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You’d think with a name like Secret Service, that agents would already know the meaning of discretion, but apparently not.

USA Today recently reported that the recent scandal in Colombia involving hookers and lots of drinking seems to just be the tip of iceberg.  In fact, it looks like such bad behavior is fairly common according to the investigation

The New York Times published an interesting article in the Business Section today which describes an ad industry initiative designed to address the lack of diversity at the top in advertising agencies and media companies.

Noting that the August 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 9.6% of advertising and promotion managers were

Ernst & Young has just published a new survey about the concerns of working women in the United Kingdom. Rather than facing a single barrier in the workplace, the survey concluded that women faced at least four identifiable barriers – age; a lack of female role models; the effects of motherhood; and qualifications and experience.

I am pleased to announce that my partner and blogging colleague, Christina Stoneburner, will be a speaker at  an upcoming seminar for HR professionals sponsored by the Princeton, NJ office of our firm Fox Rothschild, entitled "Hiring Considerations For New Jersey Employers."

Please use this link to check out the program and sign up!    

If you happen to be in

Lately the legal coverage on social media is the supposedly widespread practice of employers demanding access to applicants’ and employees’ social media accounts.  We blogged on May 11th about why employers should be concerned about the rash of legislation restricting employers’ access to these accounts, so we don’t need to rehash it here.