The EEOC conducted a public meeting yesterday on national origin employment discrimination.  Noting the diversity in the US workplace (including language diversity), and the increase of immigrants in the workforce, the panelists discussed “various recruitment and hiring issues; discriminatory treatment in assignments; pay discrimination; language and accent issues; effective communication and access issues; harassment; and

Addressing a business group in Washington State, the EEOC’s Northwest regional attorney told them that  “If they ignore the subject or convey an attitude of indifference they are setting themselves up for trouble.”   


Capital Press reports that William Tamayo spoke to the Washington Farm Labor Association, and noted that 25% of the EEOC’s

Apropos to our blog entry of October 9th, where we described the EEOC’s targeting of cases of harassment and abuse of “vulnerable” employees, especially farm workers, the EEOC announced yesterday that it settled a case against a vineyard in Ukiah, California on behalf of farm workers.

The suit alleged national origin harassment against

“Harrowing,” “appalling” and “extreme abuse” were words used by EEOC lawyers regarding a series of recently filed cases targeting sexual harassment of farmworkers. It appears that the EEOC is periodically targeting different types of discrimination and different industries, and selecting particularly egregious cases to make a point to employers. Recently, for example, we noted that the EEOC