epilepsy as a disability

If you were a critical care hospital would you fire a nurse with cancer who asked for an accommodation to get chemotherapy?  Even if you had meritorious grounds, would you do it, given the stark appearance of an ADA violation, as well as the horrendous publicity?

We wrote about such a case in a post

17282817_sIs the word “brainstorming” offensive as being disrespectful to people with epilespy?  At least in Australia?   That was the subject of a recent post based upon something told to us by a “normally trustworthy source” (who wishes to remain anonymous because, she said, this implies that she is “normal” and “trustworthy” — adjectives she apparently

We have a particular penchant for tracking ageist code used by employers to mean “old” (mainly because, as language buffs, we are intrigued by the wide variety of terms used by creative employers), and new cases filed by the EEOC accusing medical and health care providers of discriminating against disabled people (mainly because, as employment