Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)

On June 16th we issued an “Alert!” when Reuters reported that “President Barack Obama will sign an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

It has finally been announced that the President will sign such an order today as tweeted by Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser

A new YouGov/Huffington Post survey on employment discrimination against homosexuals has some interesting statistics.  The most startling is that by a 62% to 14% margin, the American public believes that it is currently illegal to fire an employee for being gay or lesbian.  Other results are below, without comment.

Wanna see the results broken down

There’s something about the prospect of the passage of laws forbidding employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation that strikes such fear in opponents that they revert to hoary old anti-gay slurs, and fearful defensiveness.

In Idaho, where the Republican Party officially endorsed reversing recently passed local laws banning anti-gay discrimination, the chairman of

U.S. Politics Today has just published the results of the Equality Forum "Fortune 500 Non-Discrimination Project" which reports that 477 of the 2012 FORTUNE 500 Companies “voluntarily include sexual orientation in their employment non-discrimination policies.”  The Equality Forum has disclosed the identity of all of the companies that do and do not provide sexual orientation protection

A great resource has been posted online for employers, lawyers, and anyone interested in a compendium of all state laws regarding gay and transgender employees. Written by Jerome Hunt and just released by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, this 84-page report notes that there is no current federal law which provides the