Vacation PayOften employers will neglect or overlook revising their vacation and/or paid time off (PTO) policies, which are buried in the employee handbook that was last revised a half-dozen years ago. For many, this is a big mistake. Depending on your jurisdiction, a poorly drafted vacation/PTO policy can carry significant potential liability. If a company’s vacation/PTO

We have been touting the value of handbooks for years.    See our two-part “Top Ten Essential Components Of An Employee Handbook,” posted on July 15, 2010 and August 2, 2010.   We intend to write again soon on this topic.

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“The reasons for employee handbooks are many,” says business consultant Jan L. Makela has reported an interesting survey made by a UK employment law firm which analyzed the size of companies and the number of employees reporting discrimination issues.

It seems that their survey turned up the fact that  “10% of workers in companies with 50 staff or more face barriers due to their gender, compared to

Having taken a long weekend off, the writer has reached into his “Best Hits” collection to repurpose (i.e., copy almost verbatim) the following golden oldie.

Everyone loves lists.  Although not everything is reducible to a simple list, nonetheless here is a good working list of ten tips to lower your risk of being

We have always preached preventive law, that is, using our knowledge of employment law and HR practices to counsel employers how to prevent claims, charges or lawsuits from ever happening.  It’s far less expensive, time consuming and distracting to spend a little time and money now to comply with the law, than not to do

The EEOC has just announced that “In the past two months, the EEOC has had several cases involving severe racial harassment, including a $2.7 million settlement against an environmental clean-up company, and a harassment case in which a white employee was the victim.”   It has also just announced (1) the settlement of a long running