Our posts about sexual banter and sexual harassment, and the relationship (if any) between the two, have brought out the best in our readers – thoughtful, enlightening and helpful comments

Tom Vogele, an Orange County, California attorney noted that “the nature of `harmless’ sexual banter is that it too often tends to escalate into

The title of this post expresses in sound-bite form an excellent and thoughtful comment, informed by experience, which we received from a reader who is a long-time HR professional.   Anthony J. Zagarino, PHR, a Human Resources Training & Development Manager in New Jersey wrote the following, which could be a great short primer on

What does this UK case have that a similar US case does not?  In the US, this plaintiff would have no federal legal right to sue for sexual orientation discrimination or harassment (although many states and municipalities in fact do have laws prohibiting such discrimination/harassment).

In the UK case, the plaintiff claimed that her boss