19525358_sAlthough telling an 80 year old employee that “you need to spend more time with your retired husband” is not in and of itself evidence of age discrimination, nonetheless it could very well be if the employee was, in fact, repeatedly “prodded” to leave voluntarily.

According to the Patriot-News of Central PA, this is

Deborah Jacobs has written an interesting piece in Forbes entitled  “11 Sneaky Ways Companies Get Rid Of Older Workers.”

She notes that “Companies looking to ditch older employees can be creative in the ways they try to avoid age discrimination claims,” and then goes on to list “11 of their sneakiest ploys.”

Here is one

We have a particular penchant for tracking ageist code used by employers to mean “old” (mainly because, as language buffs, we are intrigued by the wide variety of terms used by creative employers), and new cases filed by the EEOC accusing medical and health care providers of discriminating against disabled people (mainly because, as employment