cancer as a disability

Bill Egan writes:

Cancer treatment
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Aside from whistleblower and highly offensive sexual harassment cases, there may be no claim that elicits the protective instincts of the average jury more than disability discrimination cases, especially where the disability is cancer-related.  Employees with disabilities who are terminated without

If you were a critical care hospital would you fire a nurse with cancer who asked for an accommodation to get chemotherapy?  Even if you had meritorious grounds, would you do it, given the stark appearance of an ADA violation, as well as the horrendous publicity?

We wrote about such a case in a post

The EEOC has just announced that it has sued a community hospital in West Virginia which allegedly refused to appoint a long-time 48-year old employee with “a back impairment” to a vacant position – the supervisor allegedly made “various oral and written statements indicating that [the employee] was not hired for the job because of

Irrespective of the merits or legitimacy of the performance issue, is there an employer who has read our blog who cannot critique this action by the company? 

Kathleen Mason told her company, Tuesday Morning Corp. (which sells closeout housewares and home décor in 850 stores around the US), of which she was president and