Our Canadian employers may be interested that on November 3, 2014, Doug MacLeod of The MacLeod Law Firm in Toronto will be co-hosting a seminar on managing disabled employees.

seminar training : Portrait of a confident senior manager giving presentation to his colleagues at office

As he says:  “There is a perfect storm developing when it comes to managing disabled employees. The workforce is aging and some older workers can’t perform

In a prior post we noted that if you take out the racial, sexual, age or other protected class aspect of workplace harassment and hostile work environment, you get, simply, bullying.    There are no state or federal laws in the US defining or regulating workplace bullying, and the civil rights laws do not cover it,

In our recent post we reported that “Participating in sexual banter that was the norm in the “sexualized environment” of Sleep Country mattress stores in British Columbia cost an employee her sexual harassment claim.”   A couple reader comments caught our eye:

Claudia Orr, an employment attorney in the Detroit area commented:  “I have a

We came across this great article by Maria Valente Fernandes and Justine Laurier of the Quebec law firm of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP which sets out a simple checklist on why you should not terminate an employee prematurely.

18494704_sThey write that “When faced with difficult employment situations, employers can sometimes act hastily, including opting to

We have blogged before about allergies and whether under the ADA an employer has an obligation to make reasonable accommodations for an allergic employee.

For instance, we reported on a court decision about a lab employee who could not work with irritating chemicals but who rejected a full face respirator offered by the employer because

Ontario employers beware:  owners and managers of a defunct corporation may be personally liable under the Human Rights Code for damages awarded against the corporation.

We thank the law firm of Whitten & Lublin in Toronto for directing us to a significant new case in Ontario with wide implications for owners of companies.  Seems

An excellent, succinct blog post by Earl Phillips of the law firm of McCarthy Tétrault LLP sets forth nine requirements which British Columbia employers must meet to be in compliance with the new WorkSafeBC bullying and harassment policies which will take effect on November 1, 2013.

We quote the nine requirements below, directly from his