Our recent post about whether the workplace might be well served by applying the "Broken Windows Theory" to acts of harassment has, happily, brought forth a torrent of useful comments from readers who are HR professionals.   Since we think that this discussion is important, we re-print four sample comments below.    


“I am familiar with

Bernie Althofer AFAIM, who we quoted in brief yesterday, is a former Harassment Referral Officer in a police service in Australia.  We have been hoping for active feedback and discussion on our positing the applicability of the "Broken Windows Theory" to workplace sexual harassment (if at all), and Bernie was kind enough to giive

What if employers (who, hopefully, adhere to a well-publicized “zero-tolerance” policy towards sexual harassment, or any kind of harassment for that matter), actively discouraged, showed disapproval or otherwise rebuked every stray or trivial unwanted comment or act that did not rise to a legally-actionable level?  Would this cause a decrease in actionable harassment or a less