Recently I noted a short but informative article in The Washington Post about the rapid growth of employment retaliation claims — fifth year in a row that it has overtaken all other discrimination claims.  I said that employers should carefully study our many posts about retaliation!

Our Takeaway:  Don’t get caught retaliating; read our

Thought that only the US Congress was capable of passing laws with drafting errors? 9239905_s

Seems that this is what happened in the UK, which has a statutory prohibition against employee “victimisation”– in the US we might refer to this as discrimination and/or harassment.  The issue which has befuddled a few courts in the UK until

"Any employment discrimination problem — sexual harassment or anything else — can always be made worse and more injurious to the conduct of the employer’s business. Retaliation is guaranteed to do that. It never makes sense, it is never good for business, and it is always illegal."  This is from an EEOC lawyer quoted in our

In a number of recent blogs, we reported the number of cases of pregnancy discrimination is rising rapidly — in fiscal 2011, there was an increase of 23% in the number of EEOC charges alleging pregnancy discrimination.

On February 17th we wrote that with women making up almost one half of the workforce, experts