5 DiscriminationAs we wrote about last week, the New York City Council passed legislation seeking to bolster the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL).  Although the NYCHRL was already one of the most employee friendly statutes in the nation to begin with, especially in light of the 2005 Local Civil Rights Restoration Act, the

22113091_sA man in Florida is learning the hard way that this old adage is true. 

Patrick Snay, the ex-headmaster of Gulliver Schools Inc. settled an age discrimination and retaliation suit he brought when his contract was not renewed.  The settlement agreement contained a rather standard confidentiality agreement that prohibited the disclosure of the existence or

Lynn Nakagawa has reported in Pacific Business News that a state appellate court in Hawaii has just reversed a lower court dismissal of a national origin discrimination and retaliation suit by a French national, who alleged that he was terminated from his job after he was called anti-French names, such as Frenchy,” by his managers.