Appearance Discrimination

Question: When will employers and/or their trusted HR people and advisors learn the law about accommodation for religious beliefs?  Answer:  Only after they get sued.

We have harangued employers since we started our blog about the necessity of accommodating employees who are required by their religion to wear certain clothes or other adornments as long

We have posted a number of times about what has been referred to variously as “beauty bias,” “weight discrimination,” “lookism,” "unattractiveness bias," and/or “appearance bias.”   

Yesterday, the Utah Legislature (Utah!) considered a bill which would have prohibited employment discriminating based on height and weight.  Contending that employers sometimes judge people by their height

We have written a lot about persons who experience discrimination in employment based either on physical appearance or obesity, and how only one state – Michigan – and only 6 cities prohibit such discrimination. We have also noted that aside from these few laws, a few courts have taken the position that obesity is a