Several recent New York City human rights law amendments in the past year have steadily increased worker protections applicable to New York City employers. As is no surprise, the mayor’s office recently adopted yet another new amendment passed by the New York City Council amending the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) effective October

Small WorldThe recent measles outbreak making headlines at Disney properties in California has been unnerving, to say the least. As any parent can attest, a visit to Disney is likely to be on someone’s wishlist at some point (as my two small children have already made clear!). Beyond planning a visit to see Mickey and Minnie,

That appears to be the $64,000 question.  Most employers and some courts believe that the answer is no.  The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (“PDA”) simply requires that pregnant employees not be treated differently than non-pregnant employees for employment-related purposes.  This has consistently been interpreted to mean that employers do not have to treat pregnant employees better

I started the "Fun with Employment Law" posts mainly to provide some entertainment, but the inaugural post has actually generated a thoughtful response — and one that I thought warranted comment.

After reading the 1/13/13 post where I advised that German employers were permitted to require female employees to wear nude or white bras, a

An employee, not otherwise disabled, is fired because he takes time off to care for a disabled son. Is the ADA violated?

Yesterday we wrote about the concepts of “associational discrimination” and “family responsibilities discrimination,” in light of a new court decision that the ADA does not require employers to accommodate employees who do

Have you been in the situation where, for hiring purposes, you have to produce a urine sample as part of drug testing? Or been attempting to do what you need to do in a football stadium bathroom at halftime, with a line of impatient fans who having been drinking beer for hours pressed up behind you — you hear their menacing