Accommodation for Beards

26135611_sWe have often written that tattoos, certain headwear or other garb, and grooming habits, are not per se covered by Title VII.  That is, an employer can reject for hiring or otherwise discriminate against any person the basis of the above criteria.

Indeed, we just wrote (on March 2nd) about “lookism” or “beauty bias,” and

19165404_sThe title is a little flip, but the subject matter of accommodation for religious practices is serious.

A Muslim employee of McDonald’s in Fresno requested a religious accommodation:  the right to grow a beard in accordance with his religious beliefs.  His request was refused and he was fired.  The EEOC sued and The Fresno Bee

Question: When will employers and/or their trusted HR people and advisors learn the law about accommodation for religious beliefs?  Answer:  Only after they get sued.

We have harangued employers since we started our blog about the necessity of accommodating employees who are required by their religion to wear certain clothes or other adornments as long

On April 1 we reported a sharp increase in the last year in complaints of employment discrimination based on religion filed by Muslims in one county in Pennsylvania. We also reported that nationwide, charges of religious discrimination jumped by 9.5 percent during the 2011 fiscal year, the largest increase of any category, according to the