3324553_sIf half of my Facebook feed is correct, then the Justices are definitely going to rule in favor of gay marriage.  If the other half of my Facebook feed is correct, then the Justices are going to punt and claim it is a states’ rights issue.

There is not a lot of point in trying

For those people who may have been living under a rock or enjoying an extended Tom Hanks-like vacation on a desert island a la Cast Away, the Supreme Court is set to hear argument in four petitions that challenge state laws in the 6th Circuit banning gay marriage.  It is widely anticipated that the

13799015_sFlorida has become the latest state to recognize gay marriage.  Same-sex marriages have started after the judge who recently struck down Florida’s gay marriage ban clarified that his order applied to all  couples, not just the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.  As we noted when US v Windsor  invalidated the Defense of Marriage Act, employers would

A newly filed EEOC charge alleges that The Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness, Ill fired its 17-year music director when the director announced on Facebook that he had just become an engaged to his male partner.  This, according to the Portland Press Herald.

See: http://www.pressherald.com/2014/12/06/music-director-fired-by-church-files-claim-for-discrimination/

gay weddings : Closeup of a gay couple holding hands, wearing a wedding ring. Couple is a hispanic man and a caucasian man.

The director, who alleges sex, sexual orientation

A new YouGov/Huffington Post survey on employment discrimination against homosexuals has some interesting statistics.  The most startling is that by a 62% to 14% margin, the American public believes that it is currently illegal to fire an employee for being gay or lesbian.  Other results are below, without comment.

Wanna see the results broken down

With our post yesterday on what we feel will be the growth of cases involving religion and the “ministerial exception,” we received an insightful question from Joanne Albertsen, a NYC attorney:

“Really interesting series of cases. I wonder if we’ll see more of these cases arise for employees of religious orgs as the status