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End of year vacations and holidays are fast approaching. Everyone is eager to see family and enjoy some much needed time away. It is easy to forget, however, that the ball drop in Times Square will not only ring in the New Year, it will also ring in various new and modified employment laws in

4629528_sThe Illinois Human Rights Commission recently ruled against Hobby Lobby and found that it had discriminated against a transgendered employee by refusing to let her use the women’s restroom unless she could provide legal authority mandating that she be allowed to use that bathroom or produce medical documentation that she had surgically completed her transition

17427349_sOver the weekend an employee of the Texas Rangers was pretty upset about the University of Texas’ dismal performance in its 50-7 loss against Texas Christian University.  I get how upsetting it is when your college team plays like, umm, plays awfully.  I myself hurled a few insults at the tv screen as I watched

As I was getting ready for work this morning, the Today Show had a profile of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, who announced that she was expecting twins.  The profile noted that when Mayer had her first child, she declined Yahoo’s (rather generous) Maternity Leave Policy and took only one week off from work.  The

If you groaned when you saw the words “litigation hold,” then you are in good company.

38665679_sI have been enjoying the reemergence of Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed, so maybe this is why this image is fresh in my mind.  When I hear litigation hold, I now immediately think of Binkley’s anxiety closet and images

This blog post was inspired by the amazing news that my partner, Patrick Murphy, was nominated by President Barack Obama as the United States Under Secretary of the Army.  My first reaction was to be impressed at this well-deserved honor for Patrick.  My second reaction was “what does the Under Secretary of the Army do?”

Vacation PayOften employers will neglect or overlook revising their vacation and/or paid time off (PTO) policies, which are buried in the employee handbook that was last revised a half-dozen years ago. For many, this is a big mistake. Depending on your jurisdiction, a poorly drafted vacation/PTO policy can carry significant potential liability. If a company’s vacation/PTO