National Origin Discrimination

For quite awhile we have reported about the EEOC’s targets as set forth in its Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP), and noted that “vulnerable worker” abuse and religious discrimination were
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The EEOC conducted a public meeting yesterday on national origin employment discrimination.  Noting the diversity in the US workplace (including language diversity), and the increase of immigrants in the workforce,
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Last year we discussed a number of cases brought by the EEOC against employers relating to harassment of farmworkers — the most vulnerable workers, according to the EEOC’s strategic enforcement
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The EEOC announced a $201,000 settlement of a Texas lawsuit on behalf of nine Hispanic employees who claimed a national origin hostile environment at Air Express International and DHL Global

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According to, the EEOC has just settled for $95,000 a national origin discrimination and retaliation claim brought in California on behalf of an employee of Egyptian descent against

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