38570848_sIn the vein of a shameless personal plug, I will be speaking as part of a panel in an upcoming Strafford live webinar, “Accommodating Pregnant Workers After Young v. UPS: Navigating New Obligations Absent Clear Court Guidance” scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT.

Our panel will discuss how to reconcile the Court’s

3324553_sIf half of my Facebook feed is correct, then the Justices are definitely going to rule in favor of gay marriage.  If the other half of my Facebook feed is correct, then the Justices are going to punt and claim it is a states’ rights issue.

There is not a lot of point in trying

Employers are often reluctant to speak with new moms who are breastfeeding or pumping regarding how their nursing will impact the workplace.  But with more than 3 out of 4 new mothers in the U.S. choosing to breastfeed their babies, the failure to engage these employees about their needs when it comes to breastfeeding or

36714348_sAlthough the facts alleged in a recent lawsuit entitled EEOC v. D&S Shipley Donuts are not quite as patronizing as the title of this post suggests; they are close.  The EEOC brought suit against a franchisee of Shipley’s Do-Nuts claiming that the franchisee violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the

In our post about the recent New York Times’ article, which we entitled The Motherhood Trade-Off, we noted that “the authors write about why working women in the US find it more difficult to return to work after having kids than their European counterparts.”

Link:  http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/14/upshot/us-employment-women-not-working.html?ref=business&abt=0002&abg=0)

maternity leave : Stressed Woman With Newborn Baby Working From Home Using Laptop

We publish below some interesting comments on the

A newly filed EEOC charge alleges that The Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness, Ill fired its 17-year music director when the director announced on Facebook that he had just become an engaged to his male partner.  This, according to the Portland Press Herald.

See: http://www.pressherald.com/2014/12/06/music-director-fired-by-church-files-claim-for-discrimination/

gay weddings : Closeup of a gay couple holding hands, wearing a wedding ring. Couple is a hispanic man and a caucasian man.

The director, who alleges sex, sexual orientation

In a New York Times article today variously entitled “Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind,” or “The Flexibility Gap,” the authors write about why working women in the US find it more difficult to return to work after having kids than their European counterparts. 

“The Motherhood Trade-Off,” they sub-title the article, and describe the

Today’s Wall Street Journal “Review” has an interesting lead article by Joanne Lipman entitled:  “Women at Work: A Guide for Men: Even the most well-intentioned male managers can be clueless when dealing with women in the workplace.” 

She says that men could use a career guide about women — she provides an eight point

A supervisor allegedly grabbed and squeezed his subordinate’s nipple, and took a towel and rubbed it on the employee’s crotch, according to the opinion of a federal appellate court.  

The employee sued, claiming hostile work environment, and claimed that the supervisor “received some perverse sexual gratification” from these acts.

Several other employees complained about similar

The NYT published an interesting piece today about Claudia Goldin, a Harvard professor who is an economist and an expert on working women.  The article discusses her trip to Saudi Arabia which was “part of an effort by a group of star academics who have taken on a project with the Saudi government aimed at