Caregiver Discrimination

CNN has reported that there are a growing number of male caregivers – and that they are suffering gender discrimination in the workplace.

We discussed the issue of family caregivers being subjected to employment discrimination in our September 3rd and September 4, 2012 blogs. Noting that the population is aging but must work at paid jobs

An employee, not otherwise disabled, is fired because he takes time off to care for a disabled son. Is the ADA violated?

Yesterday we wrote about the concepts of “associational discrimination” and “family responsibilities discrimination,” in light of a new court decision that the ADA does not require employers to accommodate employees who do

The concepts of “associational discrimination” and “family responsibilities discrimination” have just met in a case arising out of Illinois.

Associational Discrimination

"Punishing someone because of who he or she associates with doesn’t pass the smell test” is a quote we used way back in March 2012 about “associational discrimination” — discrimination, usually retaliation, based upon

Further our discussion yesterday about an AARP study which describes “family responsibilities discrimination,” we would like to point our readers to a study done by MetLife and a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”).

The 2011 MetLife study confirmed the results of the AARP study that the number of adult

The AARP Public Policy Institute has just issued a report entitled "Protecting Family Caregivers from Employment Discrimination," and it claims that there is an “emerging trend” of caregivers of older adults facing increasing discrimination in the workplace.

An aging population must work at paid jobs, and also work without pay providing care for elderly parents and