Gender Identity or Expression

A newly filed EEOC charge alleges that The Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness, Ill fired its 17-year music director when the director announced on Facebook that he had just become an engaged to his male partner.  This, according to the Portland Press Herald.


gay weddings : Closeup of a gay couple holding hands, wearing a wedding ring. Couple is a hispanic man and a caucasian man.

The director, who alleges sex, sexual orientation

Since everyone knows that the country of Malta (“Where’s that, Jake?”) is in the vanguard on human rights, and is more enlightened and progressive than, say, an old-fashioned, traditional country such as the US, which usually lags behind, it should therefore come as no surprise that Malta just outlawed discrimination against transgender individuals, on grounds

On June 16th we issued an “Alert!” when Reuters reported that “President Barack Obama will sign an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

It has finally been announced that the President will sign such an order today as tweeted by Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser

A new YouGov/Huffington Post survey on employment discrimination against homosexuals has some interesting statistics.  The most startling is that by a 62% to 14% margin, the American public believes that it is currently illegal to fire an employee for being gay or lesbian.  Other results are below, without comment.

Wanna see the results broken down

Although Title VII does not prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual identity or orientation, nonetheless same sex discrimination and/or sexual harassment is.  (While Title VII affords no protection against discrimination based upon sexual orientation, an increasing number of states and municipalities have passed such laws, such as NYS and NYC).   See our post 

What does this UK case have that a similar US case does not?  In the US, this plaintiff would have no federal legal right to sue for sexual orientation discrimination or harassment (although many states and municipalities in fact do have laws prohibiting such discrimination/harassment).

In the UK case, the plaintiff claimed that her boss

There’s something about the prospect of the passage of laws forbidding employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation that strikes such fear in opponents that they revert to hoary old anti-gay slurs, and fearful defensiveness.

In Idaho, where the Republican Party officially endorsed reversing recently passed local laws banning anti-gay discrimination, the chairman of


GRAND FORKS, North Dakota — even Grand Forks! – is considering a bill to ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  If it passes, Grand Forks would be the first city in North Dakota to do so.

One City Council member said that “Fargo, Grafton and Mandan are waiting to see the

A proposed ordinance in Helena, Montana which would prohibit sexual orientation discrimination is being opposed by those who cite a recent EEOC decision which held that under Title VII discrimination against a transgendered individual is a form of sex discrimination. They argue that the proposed ordinance is unnecessary because this EEOC decision could be applied