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We have always preached preventive law, that is, using our knowledge of employment law and HR practices to counsel employers how to prevent claims, charges or lawsuits from ever happening.  It’s far less expensive, time consuming and distracting to spend a little time and money now to comply with the law, than not to do

The EEOC has just announced that “In the past two months, the EEOC has had several cases involving severe racial harassment, including a $2.7 million settlement against an environmental clean-up company, and a harassment case in which a white employee was the victim.”   It has also just announced (1) the settlement of a long running

15263165_sI just read a fabulous article by Rick Roller at the examiner.com entitled “GOSSIP, the Virus in Your Workplace.”  Mr. Roller’s insights about how destructive gossip is in the workplace and why employers need to deal with it as early as possible struck a chord, especially in light of our recent discussions about

The Civil Rights Bureau of the New York Attorney General’s office has just announced the settlement and discontinuance of an investigation into an upstate nursing home where the AG sought to determine “whether the [nursing home] accommodated and acceded to the racially discriminatory preferences of patients by making reassignments of nurses on the basis of

17267723_sTwo years ago we asked: “Can You Pass ‘The Acid Test'” (see post of January 29, 2012).   For those of a certain age and mindset, this flashback meant something other than employee handbooks and anti-discrimination policies.   But nevermind — we wanted to know how many questions an employer could answer in the affirmative to

The EEOC sued a Denver beverage distributor under the ADA, claiming that it eliminated a legally blind employee’s job as a driver’s helper, and refused to hire him as a night warehouse loader because it believed that he could not safely perform the functions of loading cases of liquor and kegs of beer into trucks.  

The EEOC had six charges filed with it between 2007 and 2009 alleging that the San Diego staffing firm Huyssen Inc., doing business as Sedona Group, engaged in a pattern and practice of classifying and failing to refer job applicants based on their race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability.

The EEOC just issued

Chalk up another direct hit for the EEOC – one more ADA lawsuit filed against a health care provider.  Feel free to go back to our numerous posts about health care providers being a favorite target for the EEOC when it comes to disability suits.

We have dubbed this exercise by the EEOC “like

My faithful assistant Chrissie has been working hard to come up with a good Friday 5-Minute Laugh Session for this week’s installment.  She decided to try to come up with one related to training, since I had two training sessions this week with a client covering employee relations for managers.

I am pleased to report that