We talk a lot about providing training to employees, usually in the context of preventing harassment and discrimination.  In addition to this training, hopefully your employees are getting good training on how to perform their job skills.  We have all been in that situation where, despite training and refresher training, an employee is simply not

We have spoken frequently about age discrimination cases on this blog.  Whether it be “code words” being used or more direct comments on age, these can all be part of a claim of discrimination.  Before anyone questions this post, I just want you to know that the idea for the post came from my assistant

This week the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that we have previously reported on that was filed against Abercrombie & Fitch.  In that case, a Muslim teenager applied for a job and was denied the job because she wore a head scarf which the hiring manager believed did not coincide with

Huh?  Did this become a cooking blog?  No, it’s simply time for the Friday 5 minute laugh.  Chrissie has been diligently looking for a Thanksgiving video and has come across a few gems.  I decided to go with this one because I now have “All About the Bass,” I mean, “Baste” stuck in my head. 

Regular readers of the blog know that my assistant, Chrissie, helps me select the videos for the Friday 5-Minute Laugh.  This is her dog, Riley, who is definitely not feeling the Halloween spirit.


Hopefully, you’re having a better Halloween.  If not, maybe this video of dog and cat Halloween costumes will cheer you up.  Enjoy! 

Lawyers, judges, and legislators have long been accused of not writing clearly, employing using big words when short ones will do and inventing words not otherwise used in the English language such as aforementioned and hitherto.  We are also not known for having the simplest of grammatically correct sentences, despite the fact that writing well