My assistant, Chrissie, reminded me that we have not done a 5 minute laugh video in a while.  While she was looking for a video, she came across a video of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Adele.

As I was previewing it, I was already thinking of how to tie it to a blog post.  I thought I would try to link it to something employment related, but mileage reimbursement policies seemed boring. There is a short cautionary message about the dangers of excessive drinking that I thought briefly about trying to tie to alcohol policies for company events, but then I got further along in the video.  It’s definitely a funny video and well worth watching, but also maybe not appropriate for work.

Chrissie is always resourceful and found this Carpool Karaoke with Jennifer Hudson.  If you need a ten-minute break from everything, grab some coffee and enjoy.