The Stage News in the UK reports on the fairly shocking results of a survey commissioned by the Joint Industry Stunt Committee about harassment and bullying in the stunt performer industry.  Link: 

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Seems that we report fairly frequently on surveys in various industries and professions, and every one seems to reflect substantial harassment and/or bullying to one degree or another.  To those in the HR or diversity fields:  has any workplace or societal progress been made?

The UK survey found that:

1.  Close to half of all TV and film stunt performers have been bullied “frequently or sometimes,” and/or sexually harassed.  The bullies were “most likely to be fellow members of the stunt team.”

2.  Approximately 80% were victim to insulting behavior or words;  more than 60% were victims of malicious rumors and/or “ridicule or demeaning” actions.

3.  Greater than half had been picked on, and almost 40% had been victims of violent threats.

4.  More than a third of those reporting felt “uncomfortable and unsafe” in the workplace.

Unsurprisingly, 90% of those so victimized did not report these events to managers “for fear of not getting work in the future.”

Takeaway:  The stats speak for themselves.  We can only repeat that as long as harassment and bullying are societal problems, employers must keep conducting appropriate periodic training of managers and employees, and keep pushing and insisting on compliance with appropriate workplace anti-discrimination and anti-harassment practices and policies.