What’s your best guess as to the answer to this question?

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Yes, according to research and an HR consultant who presented recently to an EEOC conference attended by many company executives and managers.

Employees in a positive work environment, and who are motivated, satisfied with their work and their managers, receive deserved recognition, and feel that they are able to progress at work are less likely to file charges of discrimination.

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Makes sense.  But is this so surprising?  Happy employees usually have no reason to make complaints.  Things like a positive work environment and satisfaction at work usually mean, among other things, that co-workers and supervisors do not discriminate or harass.

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The recommendation was made that a company’s equal opportunity program and its EEO managers must have credibility in the workplace and the ability to listen and engage so that employees know that they can report complaints and see them dealt with appropriately, as required by law.

Also makes sense.

We’ve been preaching this for years, so you missed little if you missed the EEOC conference but read our blog regularly!