The BBC has just reported that numerous age discriminatory ads appear on the UK government’s Universal Jobmatch website, which is used by millions seeking jobs.

“Recent graduates” are sought in ads by hundreds of employers, such as “My client is recruiting a recent graduate to join their extremely busy team. You should be looking for a career, have good customer service skills and good administration skills including data entry.”

Some ads are bolder and seek “young graduates.”

We would have to agree with the UK lawyers interviewed that such ads would be found discriminatory.  At least in the US, where they would violate the ADEA and state and local laws which forbid age discrimination.

kids : Portrait of young boy thinking his aspirations Stock Photo

Another ad read:  “We are always looking to recruit talented, ambitious young people who may fit well into one of our progressive thinking departments such as media, including social media, TV, press officer or other departments such as office administration.”

A spokesperson for one leisure industry company with a similar ad used “business necessity” language in justifying such an ad, stating that (as paraphrased in the article) “he could see nothing wrong with it because in the leisure industry people needed to be young and fit.”

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The UK government must get its House in order.