One of the largest producers of fresh potatoes in North America has just been sued for sexual harassment by the EEOC.   It is alleged that several women at its Colorado location were sexually menaced by a production supervisor and fired when they resisted or complained.

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According to the EEOC:

The supervisor Valdez had a habit of licking his finger and putting it in the ears of at least two of the female plaintiffs; sexually propositioned some of the women; groped female employees’ buttocks at the time clocked; forced one employee to sit on his lap in a dark office and made inappropriately sexual remarks.   The EEOC charges that those women who opposed the supervisor’s conduct or reported him were forced to perform undesirable work and eventually fired.

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We have written before about the EEOC’s announced intent to protect “vulnerable” workers:  we said on June 5th: “‘The most vulnerable workers’ — this is a part of the EEOC’s strategic plan for enforcement.   Protecting them, that is, as we noted before – think farm workers, migrant workers, workers in isolated areas, and mentally-challenged Henry’s Turkey workers.”