We would like to bring you back to “Onionhead,” the cult? religion? spiritual belief system? that is at the heart of an EEOC Title VII lawsuit which alleges that a company forced its employees to hold hands, pray, burn candles and tell co-workers “I love you.”

vegetable cartoon : Illustration of a comical onion

Christina did a well-researched post in June in which she described the EEOC’s suit and deconstructed what was named “Harnessing Happiness,” or “Onionhead.”

Is this practice really only a corporate wellness program?

corporate wellness : Businessman doing tai chi in his office

Or just a self-improvement workshop?

self-improvement : concept of not wasting time, reach your goals now

It has now been reported by Law360 that the company is seeking to file a motion to dismiss, apparently contending that “the ‘Onionhead’ belief system the company foisted on its employees isn’t a religion and thus can’t support a religious bias claim.”

The EEOC has responded vigorously that “What defendants glibly call ‘self-improvement workshops’ and ‘corporate wellness programs’ were actually compelled religious activities led by their spiritual adviser, “Denali,” and other management in violation of Title VII.”

vegetable cartoon : Onion - colored cartoon illustration as vector Illustration

It is rare that a religious discrimination case is filed where the genuiness or sincerity of a belief is in dispute or where a cse is being made that a challenged practice is not a religion.   But it sure is interesting, and we like posting the cartoon graphics!

vegetable cartoon : funny vegetable and spice cartoon isolated on white background Illustration