One last attorney comment on our post “Why Does The EEOC Target Health Care Companies For ADA Violations?   Could It Be the Companies?”

We wondered the other day what is was about health and medical care facilities that brings down the heavy hand of the EEOC so often, alleging ADA and pregnancy discrimination? Is it that the helping profession somehow has an innate bias against the disabled and against pregnant women, and discriminates more than other employers?    Or, could it be that the EEOC sees such health care folks as fat, juicy targets – for example, accusing the helping profession, which is there to treat the sick, disabled and pregnant, of disability discrimination surely attracts the inevitable sanctimonious media attention.    Alleging that doctors discriminate on the basis of disability against the very folks that they are there to minister is sure to bolster a somewhat battered EEOC image.

bad doctors : Head Pain concept

The attorney commentators pointed to the companies.  Now, Arthur Ehrlich, a Chicago employment attorney, says:

“I have consulted with more employees who had problems regarding ADA or FMLA issues with hospitals or other medical facilities, than from other industries.   So, I am not surprised the EEOC is targeting them.”

Well, is that the final answer?